A Family Member of Mine Is on Some Serious Drugs. How Can I Help Her?

Question by : A family member of mine is on some serious drugs. how can I help her?

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Answer by Johnny Trey
convince her to go into rehab or have a family intervention(i think is the word). but honestly if she doesnt want to stop doing drugs theres really nothing u can do to stop her. cant watch her 24/7, if she wants to do it she will do it.

only think you can do is you and your family let her know how much you care and how much you want her to stop.

Answer by Stacy
There is not much you can do for her, she has to be the one who wants to change. Along time ago Alcoholic’s Anonymous had “interventions” where they would go to the person’s home who was drunk and try and help them. They could sober them up for the moment but it was that person’s choice to go ut and drink again. Some people have to hit what we call “rock-bottom” where they lose everything because of their drug addiction or alcoholism. Maybe then they we want to quit. If that person is endangering herself or the people around them to the point of serious harm or even death, you might be able to have them probated into detox. If this woman has children, you can contact the Children’s Services to go to her home and have her evaluated and if they see a problem they will recommend a plan for her, if she does not follow that plan then the children might be taken until she becomes clean. But she has to be the one who really has to do the work.

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