A Friend Is Obsessed With “rehab” & “Interventions”. She Takes Xanax & Drinks, Sometimes Talkes Suicidal. Help?

Question by plz help my friend: a friend is obsessed with “rehab” & “Interventions”. She takes xanax & drinks, sometimes talkes suicidal. help?
A “friend” of hers gives her HER Xanax and she takes them all the time. I don’t know exactly how much because I’m not with her everyday but I know it’s alot. She also drinks when she takes them which worries us that she will overdose and kill herself. She’s been depressed lately and has brought up suicide to another friend. When we try to talk to her, she gets super moody and says she’s fine, walks away/changes the subject/has to go-anything. She’s also obsessed with books that have to do with drugs and “Intervention” and “Celebrity Rehab”. Her closest friends have all noticed it but we don’t know how to help. Do we call a rehab facility? Do we call a doctor? If so, what kind? Is it a drug thing or a depression thing? How do we help?

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Answer by boozer
Unless you through an intervention…well even then it’s their choice if they go or not. But throughing an intervention would show her in an extreme way that you all care.

Answer by dreamlover6094
if she has hit rock bottom yet then she wont want to change . i to am addicted to drinking and meds but finally was ready to quit . i to have depression but think most of it was caused by me drinking and doing drugs . intervention might help if shes ready to quit

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