AA Is Starting to Affect My Relationship ?

Question by schdor.list: AA is starting to affect my relationship ?
I’ve been with my boyfriend for a few months. We both have jobs that require long hours (7:30-7:30/8) so we usually see each other for an hour or 2 before we go to bed. Early on as I was getting to know him, he told me he used to drink (thinks he’s an alcoholic) and attends AA meetings (all by choice – there was no “intervention” and his family/friends didn’t agree with his thinking. He’s been in it for over a year now, goes to at least one meeting a week and runs a meeting one/2 other nights (weekends). He believes it helps him, and I’m not arguing that group therapy can help ppl with a lot of aspects in your life, so I’m supportive of things he finds healthy/helpful.

Problem is – despite my mixed feelings with him being in AA (since I know him so well – our personalities are so similar and we share everything; (hes also an incredibly smart professional) – I would bet my life he’s not an “alcoholic” by definition; I even more rarely get to see him because in the couple free hours he and I have, he’s usually spending it doing something for AA as “required volunteer work”.

I want to continue to be supportive, but waiting for him while he gives the tiny bit of free time he has to an organization I’ve come to know as more of a cult (with his sponsor and person who pushed Him into it finding weakness and took advantage by telling him he’s sick) is becoming quite frustrating, and I can see it potentially causing problems between us.

What would you do?/how should I handle this?

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Answer by jenandscree
Maybe you should look into going to an Al-Non group. It’s a group for people living with alcoholics . How do you know your bf didn’t have a problem with drinking before he met you? Also maybe you should read some books by Melody Beattie and see if you are able to find some answers to your questions. Good luck to you both.

Answer by fizixx
I know you women like to always make everything about YOU and all….but if HE thinks he has an alcohol problem, and thinks he’s getting help from AA…..then I”d just kinda go with that.

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