Alcoholics and Drugs People. Please Answer.?

Question by Anonymous T: Alcoholics and drugs people. please answer.?
My dad is a pretty deep alcoholic… and my sister does, not a lot, but a fair amount (that i know of) of drugs, and she always comes home high or drunk. I now have to live in an apartment with my father, because he can’t make the house payments we need. He has a good job, and he is good at it. My dad makes maybe 3.1 to 5.4 g’s a month (commission)

idk. i guess im just startin to get depressed with it. I’m independent, meaning i do all my school work by myself, and until recently i have maintained at least a 3.7 avg, but now i have a 3.2

im a freshman, and i guess they all are affecting me, but im not to sure. I love my family, and i dont want to turn either of them in, but im thinkin about callin my dads brother and doing an “intervention” with him to see if we can get him into AA meetings… my dads a good guy too. he fought for 4 years with the court for custody over me, and he won. cost him a lot. im thinking that maybe all that stress caused him to drink more… does anyone have
any suggestions?

im 15, a freshman, a guy, pretty popular, but not to popular.

but thanks to this apartment ordeal… im to afraid to have friends over, and its making me anti-social. can anyone help??

please… im desperate. i had to deal with this from my mom (who i told i refuse to see until she gets help, and i meant it. i literally dodged her when i saw her at my grandparents and left)

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Answer by My Heart Pumps Freon
Drugs and alcohol, Baby! I feel that should be an Al Davis quote, but it isn’t.


Answer by Bob S
you need to locate and get involved in ALNON. They are the only ones trained to help you.

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