An Intervention Is the Last Resort,

When you have a loved one that is suffering from an addiction, chances are your feelings are mixed on the situation. On one hand you want the person to get better and live a healthy lifestyle with your family and friends that care about them deeply. On the other you most likely feel massive amounts of resentment and anger towards them for what they have put you and your loved ones through.

Having a family intervention might be the way to not only tell them your feelings, but let them know this is the end of their habitual abuse of alcohol or drugs by going to treatment, or the end of your family and friends enabling them.

When doing an alcohol intervention the first thing you must know is that the person you want to hear your message is just about as devastated physically, mentally, and emotionally as they could possibly be. Alcohol takes the biggest toll on an addicted abuser out of all of the addictions he or she could have. Also know that you have helped contribute to this disease. Not by any fault of your own, but with your love. You have probably made it easy for them to continue to be an addict by enabling.

The word “enable” is defined as “to provide with the means or opportunity, to make possible, practical, or easy, or to cause to operate”. Think of all of the times you didn’t tell them what they were doing was wrong, but made excuses as to why they did the things they did. Again, this is something most of the people around you have done, but it is now time to stop, before you lose the person you are trying to save. A drug intervention follows much of the same practices as an alcohol intervention.

The person will be given the proposition to accept treatment or see their life change dramatically. They can have the home they are living in taken away from them, the car they are using repossessed, the children they have taken from them, the jobs they have will no longer exist, etc. Chances are, they cannot hold on to these things themselves, but have been relying on the enabling love of those around them to keep them for as long as they have. This is to be no more, as they are destructive not only to themselves, but the things they should be grateful to have.

Having the right intervention specialist is also a key ingredient than can make or break any mediation between your loved on suffering from addiction and the people surrounding him or her. The right addiction counselor is going to be able to see the big picture, the forest through the trees if you will, and will be able to connect with the addict, as they have probably been in the same shoes previously.

The intervention specialist will not have the emotions or scars that you and your friends and family do, and will be able to logically speak to them, as you send the emotional messages. An intervention is not an easy thing to accomplish. But, with love and support, and the right tools, it can be the start to an achievement worth living.

By Bailey James[ family intervention ]


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