Any Good Drug Education for Kids?

Question by Kailie Mino: Any good drug education for kids?
Sooooooo my nine year old step daughter just told me her friend snorts smarties and gets high off of them. She then proceeded to try and crush the smarties we were eating at that time to demonstrate… I was all like WTF and then gave her a brief summary of drugs and ended with a “drugs are bad and only losers get high”
I wonder if there’s a show or site that has good educational information for younger children… Like “Intervention” for kids…

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Answer by Me, Myself, & I
Does she have a health-education program in school? You could ask the school guidance councilor to meet with her or, less embarassing, you could just ask the guidance offices for some tips.

Answer by Sandra M

There are links for elementary education. This is from the National Institute on Drug Abuse – US Government Agency.

I use this site with my high school kids.

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