Any Ideas on How to Be Most Helpful to Someone With an Eating Disorder?

Question by grandmafulkerson: Any ideas on how to be most helpful to someone with an eating disorder?
A relative that we love very much is so obese that her organs are collapsing from the weight of the fat. She’s mentally ill and is addicted to food. It’s so scary to watch her laboring to breathe, be unable to walk very far, and not know how to help her. Her mother is a weight watcher leader and has not been successful in helping her either. We love her and want her to live and it seems like she doesn’t care if she lives. Her thoughts and conversations are always about food and the next meals that she’s going to eat.
She’s bright and manipulative and knows what foods will help her lose weight, control her blood sugar levels, and knows about portion sizes. If any of you have any suggestions that family members can do to help her, they will be so welcome. She takes multiple meds for her multiple health problems, has to use a ventilator, a C-PAP machine, and is now on insulin. Her doctors tell her it’s mandatory that she lose weight and she thinks she’s being picked on.

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Answer by elf
Oh, I see.
Well, obviously, she can’t stop thinking about food. She needs to stop her ways, or you aren’t going to have her anymore.
Watch what she eats, and make sure she eats only healthy foods. My grandma died of a heart attack last November and part of it was due to her obesity.
I wish you the best of luck.

Answer by migrating_monkey
You need to get proffesional phsycological help.

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