Any Laws in N.y. That Allow Two Parents to Admitt There Child to Drug Rehab (Involantary)?

Question by cris r: any laws in n.y. that allow two parents to admitt there child to drug rehab (involantary)?

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Answer by comsys55373
I am not in that state how ever a call to the clip board types at social services would be a great place to start! Understand they are buried in people problems but if you mention the word “intervention” they just may jump and give you a hand. How ever and I dont want to put this spin on it for you if the person in question does not want help all you may be doing is just pushing the time till they hit bottom back farther. I have found that it takes a fairly truamatic event and or some serious faith to change this. the upside is most drug seems to be easyer to with draw from than alcohol with some exceptions. And more than likely the drugs are not the real issue but some thing on a mental health side of the house maybe a few some things not just one. Good luck and it is very cool you are doing this for your child I have met parents who just go up in arms and wish it away.

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