Anyone Ever Seen a POT SMOKER on the Show “INTERVENTION?”?

Question by jR77: Anyone ever seen a POT SMOKER on the show “INTERVENTION?”?
Rhetorical question as I know the answer. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA? Why shouldn’t it be taxed and regulated by the government just like cigarettes or liquor? State your argument as I personally don’t believe Marijuana to be any danger to Americans as liquor and cigarettes.

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Answer by Dani K
if you smoke a blunt (just weed no tobacco) theres hardly any danger to your health. most people go out drinking, get drunk and smoke cigs two things known to kill. i’ve never heard of anyone dying because of weed, only because of there own paranoia, but everyone knows if you’re paranoid without weed you shouldn’t go near it. i’m sick of being classed as a waster on dole because of me smoking. i go to college, my bf works and we only smoke when our daughter is staying at her grans.

Answer by elois
pot is to a drug addict like beer is to an alcoholic. it starts off light and ends with an addiction.not in all cases but most of them.that’s why you might not hear about it at the intervention stage,it has very little effect on them.

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