Anyone Know the Name of the Song That Plays on the Preview of a New Season of “Intervention”?

Question by holly :]: Anyone know the name of the song that plays on the preview of a new season of “Intervention”?
I think it’s on some channel called AE or something? But the name of the show is Intervention, it had something to do with drugs- anyways that’s beside the point-
the song was playing in the background and had a piano, and I always tried to search the lyrics but can’t find it.
Sia-Breathe Me

but you can still tell me that and whoever answers first I’ll give 10 points to

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Answer by Aleks Animalistic™
Sia- Breathe Me

but really i knew, i was going to tell you, i did a project where i made an “episode” of intervention and searched for hours for that song

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