Best Friend/crush Sees Me as a MOM FIGURE?! WTF?

Question by jay.brene: Best friend/crush sees me as a MOM FIGURE?! WTF?
ugh. My best guy friend of 5 years, whom I love dearly (not in a romantic way, but not really in a brotherly way…I just love him as a friend) and am semi-attracted to, told me today that the thought of being with me disgusts him ’cause I’m “Like his sister…no, like his mom!!”

This was the convo:
James is my best friend, Matt is his friend, Jessica is me. (names are changed)
Matt: haha. Why don’t you just date Jessica? She’s hot!
James: Ew! That’s like Dating my sister! I’d date Melissa before I’d date her! And Melissa is like my sister! So that makes Jessica, like, my mom!
Me: Oh, great. Thanks. 😛

it’s killing me.
I mean, I’m always getting on to him about doing drugs and crap, but that’s only because I care for him so much. I’ve told him, but he just laughs and tells me to “Chill because if I die, I’ll just know you were right!”
Yeah, becasue that’s what I want. Because it’s not like he’s my best friend or anything and it would kill me if he died. WHATEVER. 😛

ugh. How do I get through to him?!? It’s killing me. And he’s killing himself with these drugs!!

Best answer:

Answer by Mila
being the best friend of a guy you automatically get the sister and mom label. my best friend is a guy, and he says im the sister he never had, and occasionally when i get all “momish” on him he says im like a mother figure. its not a bad thing, its just the way it is. its onlya problem if you ever want to get romantically involved.

as for the drugs, can you say “intervention”?

Answer by tootsierules.0728
ummm well dont take it personally he probably didnt mean it and just tell him wat u think but ur not trying 2 be his mom

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