Question by cupcake: BEYOND SCARED STR ATE how do u get on it?
My older cousin lea does drugs,sleeps With men she barley knows, drinks,steals, and has the wrong kind of friends she cuts her self and treys to commit suicide and constantly needs pregnancy tests her dad lives with my grandparents and is an alcoholic and a thief her moms a druggie who left her as a baby and used her money for a lawyer for visitation rights on alcohol. I love lea to death and if she doesn’t go on this show i think she may end up dead or in prison pleas help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Answer by Sean B
“Beyond Scared Straight” doesn’t work that way. Ever since the original groundbreaking 1978 documentary the series is inspired by, a group of at-risk teenagers are sent to a prison to be set straight by a group of hardened criminals doing life sentences for robbery, murder etc. as part of a state-run program created to prevent underage felons from becoming adult prisoners.

Besides, you should really contact the producers of “Intervention” about your cousin and her parents.

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