Capo by the Sea as Seen on CBS

Drug Intervention: Capo by the Sea as seen on CBS

Capo by the Sea was featured on CBS and the A&E Intervention show. Capo by the Sea is a drug rehab center located in Orange County, California that specializes in drug detox and drug treatment for executives and professionals along with also providing drug interventions.
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Drug Intervention: Father’s Day, Mother’s Day. How about Co-Parents Day?
BERKELEY — Fathers stumbling through child-rearing are a familiar sitcom theme. But a growing body of research at the University of California, Berkeley, is challenging the perception that dads are goofy, uncaring or incompetent caregivers.
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Drug Intervention: Women and circumcision: Leave me out of it
Here’s the thing about the circumcision debate : Like everything else between men and their foreskins, women want nothing to do with it. A while back, I was at a blues club when a tall, slim, blond fellow asked me for a dance.
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