Celebration Highlights Adult Treatment Court’s 100th Graduate

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Drug Intervention: Celebration highlights adult treatment court’s 100th graduate
PONTIAC — Most people don’t enter the Oakland County Courthouse with smiles on their faces, but Wednesday was different.
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Drug Intervention: Killing Average: Can Researchers Find the Most Effective Treatment for Everyone ?
Would you buy a product that promised that 60 percent of the time it works every time? Maybe for caricature news anchors like Ron Burgundy , there is no question that a method (exotic cologne) with this type of track record (for attracting women) would be a good investment. But what if that rate was found to be true for a surgery that cost tens of thousands of dollars and might save your life …
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Drug Intervention: ‘Denver Dolls’ provided support during Ford’s recovery
Betty Ford called them “the Denver Dolls,” four women who came together in 1978 to provide her with emotional support and friendship after the former first lady completed treatment for alcohol and drug addiction.
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