Christians: Why Are There Thousands Of?

Question by |? Rape or † Abuse: Christians: why are there thousands of?
accounts of magical, supernatural occurrences in the bible and throughout church history, but no modern, verified miracles? Is God taking a break? Or did video cameras and scientific scrutiny put an end to all the fibs of divine intervention?
“Miracle” means supernatural event, like water to wine or feeding thousands with two fish. Lightning strikes, child births, earthquakes, attitude adjustments, and speaking gibberish do not qualify.
donnad: please learn to read. It’s raport abuse. You know, like that annoying little button you click when you can’t come up with an answer to my questions, requiring me to make and keep track of 47 separate yahoo accounts..

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Answer by JZ
I think she is on to something.

Answer by Wanderer in the outer-darkness
Oh yeah?! well, uh… SHUTUP

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