Cory Monteith – Shock Drug Past!

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Drug Intervention: Cory Monteith – Shock drug past!
If we were to say to you, drug and drink abuse, rehab, theft…We’re pretty sure the first celeb name to pop into your head wouldn’t be dishy Cory Monteith (Finn from Glee, OBV). That’s why we’re shocked to bring you news that…
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Drug Intervention: Counseling programs: Racing vs. other pro sports
Arlington Park (Arlington Heights, Ill.) Services for licensed personnel provided by the Racing Industry Charitable Foundation. The foundation’s social services aid individuals and families, ranging from generic social service to highly professional and comprehensive counseling.
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Drug Intervention: Can hypnosis help with childbirth?
“Hypnobirthing” is growing in popularity around the world Giving birth without pain medication or medical intervention is a growing trend around the country.
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