Could I Be a Police Officer If…?

Question by troy traskal: Could I be a police officer if…?
I was arrested in FL for possession of a controlled substance (xanax) and possesion of marijuana when I was 18. Went through over a year probation (on a program called “pre trial intervention”) without any violations. And quit drugs. And got a Bachelors degree in Criminal justice?

Also note I am a male, about 5 foot 8 inches tall, and about 160 lbs. And in good shape.

Do you think I could still become a law enforcement officer?

Please be kind. I realize drugs are bad and I should have never done them.

Thank you.

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Answer by Count Zander
Yeah, unlike the army, the police force will take any guy they can get. In my town, there were two dead guys manning the police station.

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