Cristy From a&E’s “Intervention”…?

Question by Katrina: cristy from A&E’s “Intervention”…?
does anyone know what is goin on w/ her? i think shes a beautiful and i still continue to pray for her..i know what its like to have an addiction and become a completly different person…i know alot of ppl judge her, but i think no1 was put on earth to judge..no1 is God…i just was really inspired by her episode and am wonderin how she is now… heres the link if u dont know wat im talkin about

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Answer by Hamish
Cristy, who had left rehab early against her family’s wishes and entered jail rather than bow to the pressure of returning for 60 more days of treatment, was given a choice by the judge at her sentencing for her DUI arrest: Rehab for a year, or several months in jail. Cristy chose jail. While in jail, she was able to get clean from both meth and alcohol, but relapsed shortly after her release. After the episode was re-aired in March 2009 Cristy is currently living with friends and continues to drink and use drugs.

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