Do We Need an Intervention for My Friend?

Question by SHUT UP MEG: Do we need an intervention for my friend?
My friend makes alot of stupid choices.
And I mean ALOT.
She gets in moods with me and my friends for no reason.
She’s needy and only comes to us anymore when her problems can’t be solved by her other ‘friends’ she’s known about a month.
She’s desprate and clings on to anyone she can get. In the last month she’s been through 3 boyfriends.
Right now her boyfriend is only just in middleschool. Were sophomores.
Do we need an intervention for her?

Best answer:

Answer by Dino
Not an intervention, but you need to talk to her.

Answer by Hennessy
As long as you learn the correct way of throwing an intervention from the show “its always sunny…” than yes, do it ASAP.

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