Do You Give Money to Beggars? Best Polite Response?

Question by Mike: Do you give money to beggars? Best polite response?
What is the proper response in these situations? I don’t want to be rude but in most cases I am Not going to give them any money. I usually just say something like “Sorry, I don’t have any money”.

I’m mostly referring to those people that hangout outside of stores and hassle people for money. They don’t really look homeless and most of the time they seem pretty young (20s), perfectly capable of working.

Best answer:

Answer by Robert
if its a younger (19-23) girl i offer her 10 bucks for sex. they usually go for it. They never get the 10 dollars though.

Answer by MK
You can take them out to a near by fast food restaurant or keep handy some gift cards for McDonald’s or a pizza store or something. If they’re already in a store, ask them what they want to eat and then buy that for them. You probably shouldn’t give them money because then they will go buy drugs. You can also give them information to the nearest soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

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