Do You Know Someone Who Has Had or Is in Need of a “INTERVENTION”?

Question by flossymae: do you know someone who has had or is in need of a “INTERVENTION”?
any type , ADDICTION, LIFESTYLE, or any other reason where a intervention may be neccesary, if so, what happened?

Best answer:

Answer by Ana
Yes. I have seen it done before. I am not really sure that it’s an effective approach. The person really has to be the one to decide how to modify themselves. An intervention merely makes the person feel cornered and ashamed of themselves and sometimes has a very negative reaction or makes them do worse than before.

I think an intervention is too confrontational. I think if the person is beyond help when it seriously threatens their life, they should have professional help. For example, with drugs or alcohol problems.

However, if it regards a lifestyle habit such as weight problems or poor judgement of men/women as partners, then that is something different. In that case, I would just talk to them and tell them how you feel about their habits.

But when it comes to addictions that are life threatening, its best to leave it to a professional or medical doctor that can get them in a proper treatment facility to keep them safe or some kind of therapy for their issues.

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