Does Anyone Notice That the Show “Interventions” That Airs on A&E Rarely Features African American Families?

Question by Pamela M: Does anyone notice that the show “Interventions” that airs on A&E rarely features African American families?
It’s obvious that black communities have been ravished by drugs/alcohol yet somehow those of color are rarely shown on the program. Could it be that drug/alcholol addiction in the black community is simply viewed as a way of life which warrants no concern? Isn’t this an attempt by the “powers that be” to dehumanize the black experience while giving credibility to the lives of whites who suffer the same malady? Is there no Rites of Passage for the black addict?

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Answer by Eraserhead
I wouldn’t look that far into it. I’ve seen about every other race on that show, so i’m sure it’s not racist. Maybe lots of black families haven’t called in for help. I figured maybe it’s a cultural thing where they are more private, less apt to air such a thing on TV, or did not want to appear on TV doing drugs. All of which make perfect sense. But i’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

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