Does Anyone Watch Intervention and if So, Has Any Particular Episode Really Touched You?

Question by Chloe: Does anyone watch Intervention and if so, has any particular episode really touched you?
I love the show. I think it’s wonderful how the producers are literally saving most of these people’s lives. The only thing that bothers me is that there are so many addicts that want to go to rehab but can’t afford it and a lot of the people on “Intervention” or almost forced to go by ultimatums (like family members saying that they will no longer talk to them or give them money or will kick them out) and then a handful leave or get kicked out of these expensive rehabs. It is a really touching show though. I’m a recovering addict and alcoholic myself and I see myself in everyone of those people. I only wish that they could get more money via donations and help even more people than they are currently helping.

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Answer by [email protected]
I love this show..every one touches me and makes me sad! they usually relapse in the end…i feel for the family…it has to be so tough seeing someone you love go thru that. The episode where the young man drank hand sanitizer because it had alcohol in it… was a real sad one for me.
you have to want it, and most of these people are not at that point yet. you are correct its a shame that more people cant get help.

Answer by Danielle
None have really “touched” me. I guess because I have never experienced addiction like these people and I don’t fully understand. As a mother I can’t see how someone would choose drugs over their kids or something along those lines, so I can’t connect with the people on there. However, I do love the show. I find it interesting. And my 2 favorites are Sylvia the alchoholic. And the girl who got high on duster.

I know one person who relasped died, the business owner who was an alchoholic who already had severe liver damage. But do you know if anyone else from the how has actually died because of their addiction?

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