Does Anyone Watch”Intervention”, Can U Explain Something?

Question by amaital: Does anyone watch”Intervention”, can u explain something?
I have seen a few episodes, I find the show depressing and sad. I don’t understand this; the addicts LOVE their drugs, they LOVE being high .Yes, they look awful but they are so happy on their drugs!! Than they have the intervention, they ALL go (at least the episodes Ive seen). They revisit 6 weeks later or whatever and they are again SO HAPPY?!!? So, if they loved being high SO much,HOW can they be like beaming and thankful”for the air and sunshine” a few weeks later? Doesn’t make sense? Can someone with PERSONAL exp. answer please? Ive deleted show from my playlist because its too sad to watch
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Answer by ChiAddict Gizmo and Zoe Beating Liver Disease 4yrs
They love their drugs because they are addicted to them and they are convinced that the drugs help them deal with and forget about their problems or their pain. In the show Intervention, they are happy when they are taking drugs, because they feel no pain. When they are sent to rehab, they learn that doing drugs is a temporary fix to their problems, that drugs hurt them more than help them and that there are healthier and safer ways to deal with their problems. They go through withdrawl, detox in rehab, have clearer minds and can deal with their problems in a more effective ways and live happier lives.

Answer by Danielle
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