Drug Charges Lead to Jail Time – Escanaba Daily Press

Drug Intervention: Drug charges lead to jail time – Escanaba Daily Press
In Krieg’s statement to the court, he said he learned a lot from the 200 days he was in a drug rehabilitation center, including finding God. “Anything given me, I know I deserve it,” he told the judge. Davis sentenced Krieg to six months in the county jail.
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Drug Intervention: Magistrates give drug addict mum last chance – Evening Star
The court heard she had last appeared on July 4 when she answered a charge of shoplifting and was sentenced to a community supervision order with a drug rehabilitation requirement (DRR). She was supposed to attend a meeting with a support worker the …
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Drug Intervention: Deni Carise: Response to 2011 National Drug Control Strategy
Having finally officially ended our own “War on Drugs,” can we also end the war on substance abusers by removing the barriers that prevent far too many from receiving the care they need?
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Drug Intervention: More women drug abusers voluntarily seek treatment at 1Malaysia clinics
KUCHING: The number of women drug abusers may be low in the country but they make up a big number of those receiving treatment at the Cure and Care 1Malaysia Clinics (C&Cs).
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Drug Intervention: Drug Therapy for Artery Disease Underused, Study Says
TUESDAY, May 10 (HealthDay News) — Fewer than 50 percent of people scheduled to have a stent placed in one of their coronary arteries for stable coronary artery disease received so-called optimal medical therapy — drug therapy, such as statins — before the procedure, according to new research.
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