Drug Intervention: 10 Drivers Barred From Plying Routes After Failing Drug Test – Sun Star

Drug Intervention: 10 drivers barred from plying routes after failing drug test – Sun Star
The two bus drivers, whose drug test results were confirmed by the LTO in Manila, cannot get their license back if they will not undergo rehabilitation in a center accredited by the Department of Health and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency.
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Drug Intervention: UAE to create database on drug addicts – Thaindian.com
Abu Dhabi, June 16 (IANS/WAM) The UAE plans to create a national database on drug addicts. In this endeavour, the National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) has teamed up with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Both sides held a meeting here to review the …
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Drug Intervention: Is Obama’s bet on green jobs risky?
President Obama flies to North Carolina on Monday for the latest meeting of his jobs and competitiveness council. His administration is betting that green technologies — from wind and solar power to advanced batteries and biofuels — will create jobs of the future.
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Drug Intervention: More burger tests: Good for health but too costly?
Authorities in Europe are trying to pin down the cause of a widespread and deadly outbreak of food poisoning. In the U.S., the Obama Administration is wrestling with a proposal to screen hamburger for additional varieties of deadly E.coli bacteria.
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Drug Intervention: Heart with no beat offers hope of new lease on life
Doctors at the Texas Heart Institute say they have developed a machine that could avoid wearing out, breaking down or causing clots and infections with simple whirling rotors — which means people may soon get a heart that has no beat.
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