Drug Intervention: Cocaine Addiction Treatment

A drug crisis intervention or drug abuse intervention is a method where the family or close friends of a person who has a drug addiction problem confront him and talk to him about the detrimental effects of his addiction, both to himself and the folks around him. There are a number of methods to conduct a drug crisis intervention. There are some who seek the assist of experts and ask them for guidance on how to deal with the addiction.

There are also brief drug crisis interventions that involve a number of counselling sessions with a professional where they talk about the effects of alcohol on drugs to the body, general health of the individual, as well as his relationships with the individuals who are essential to him. Counselling sessions also involve setting a goal for the individual to overcome his addiction. The effectiveness of a drug crisis intervention is not the same in all cases as there are some individuals whose addiction has gone overboard and are totally dependent on the substances they use. In such instances, much more extreme measures might be essential to help the individual overcome his addiction.

When performing a drug addict intervention, 1 should make positive that the interventions are non-judgmental, non-confrontational and supportive as some addicts do not fully understand the extent of their addiction and once they come to the realization that their drug use has gone overboard, they may really feel ashamed to admit it.

In cases where the addiction has turn out to be totally out of control, a pretreatment drug crisis intervention might be necessary where close family and friends make the addict fully recognize the extent of his addiction and encourage him to seek professional treatment. In most cases, a pretreatment intervention involves meeting up with a counsellor prior to the actual intervention happens. The counsellor informs concerned family and friends that the intervention ought to be delivered in such a way that the addict will comprehend how his addiction is affecting his life and the lives of individuals around him. It must be delivered in a non-confrontational manner; the one performing the intervention ought to maintain his or her emotions neutral.

Empathy is really essential in drug intervention programs, as the addict will effortlessly open up to those who know exactly what he is going through. So those who have previous experiences with drug use can share their experiences as well.

For a drug addiction intervention to be productive, the intervention should consist of: discussing of the detrimental effects of prescription drugs, pointing out the signs and symptoms of substance abuse, recognizing the individuals drug addiction and then giving him ideas on how to combat this addiction. It is highly recommended to encourage the addict to seek professional aid at the earliest possible stage of the addiction.

Drug addiction can turn out to be harder to combat in the lengthy run and the withdrawal symptoms of some drugs can be terribly painful. Individuals who have a long history of drug abuse must be encouraged to confine themselves to drug rehabilitation centres in order to get rid of the addiction permanently.

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