Drug Intervention: Drugs and High School?

Question by Heather L: drugs and high school?
I’m a student in high school and I think it’s insane how many people there do drugs and smoke cigarettes! I’m almost certain they know the risks of this from health classes over the years and teachers telling them the side effects of certain drugs. I wouldn’t doubt it but, half of them could definitely pass as a person on the show “intervention.”

Maybe the teachers/ principle aren’t being serious enough with the whole drug thing. On the announcements, all the principle says about smoking is, “If you are going to smoke, take it off of school grounds unless it’s raining.” Okay… these people aren’t even supposed to smoke! They’re not the legal age! I would like to see the school take action and have a patrol car take a drive around the school at some lunch time. Because for one, they’re minors and secondly, most of them are smoking shit that’s illegal. Now, I will admit it, i’ve tried it before and I won’t do it again. I definitely wouldn’t go out behind the school and get high with these idiots. I’m in classes with some of them and when the walk in (if they show up that is)… usually after lunch time, they reak of smoke or weed and it’s disgusting.

I would like for the school to take action but, I’m not sure if I should go say to them “Ok, look…. you’re so called ‘smoke free’ school is NOT smoke free. Now, go out behind the school and do something about it” Myself, along with numerous people want them to do something about it. I really don’t see how they refer to my school as ‘smoke free’ That’s bullshit. They should bring in police dogs and see just how much illegal shit is cirulating my school. I mean, honestly… better action has to be taken. What could i do in my own power about this? I really want something done. Even though these people are idiots, I think someone needs to do something because I don’t think they realize just how important high school is. What you do in high school really affects your future. You either make it to university/ college/ trade school or not. And if these people are doing drugs and skipping school, do you really think they’re going to have great marks by the time they’re supposed to graduate? No. The most they will have knowledge of is how to roll a joint. So, I think the people in my school need to smarten up and realize that they’re going to be screwed if they smoke their high school years away.

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Answer by Austen is tubby

I understand that it’s hard to concentrate when the people sitting across from you are dealing cocaine – but really, you have to worry about yourself.

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Drug Intervention: Big drugs raids are a success

North Wales Police have been stamping down on drug dealers with a series of raids across the region. Special operations have been carried out successfully in both Wrexham and the Colwyn Bay area, with a total of 18 people arrested or charged during January. Batches of Class A and Class B drugs were also seized as the Force responded to local concerns about drug dealing. The biggest raid of all was at Wrexham after an eight-week long undercover operation to break into the drugs market in the area. A total of 15 people were arrested and 13 charged with drugs offences after an early morning raid on 12 houses in the town. Under ‘Operation Quantity’, two undercover officers from another force infiltrated the market at Wrexham and succeeded in gathering enough information to arrest the 15 people. About 100 officers took part and the Crown Prosecution Service was involved in the planning. “I’m very pleased with the way the operation has gone,” said Chief Superintendent, Phil Thomson, Divisional Commander of Eastern Division, immediately after the raid. “This operation was sparked by neighbourhood concerns and the people of Wrexham have been out on the streets congratulating my officers.” Amongst those praising the police was local councillor Colin Powell, who said, “Drugs are high on the agenda for improving our neighbourhoods.” Drug users who were left without a supply were urged to take advantage of services offered by the Drug Intervention Programme. “Impact Days” in the

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