Drug Intervention: For Those Who Watch a&E’s “Intervention”, Can You Answer a Question?

Question by SHELTIELUVER: For those who watch A&E’s “Intervention”, can you answer a question?
I saw the preview’s for tonight’s episode and they say “Something that’s never happened on Intervention happens in an unforgettable episode” and they show someone running and the cops and some girl saying “This is intervention.” Do you know what happens or what do you think happened? I’m dying to know because I really like the show. Do you think someone OD’s or someone gets shot or something? Or maybe the police just bust someone before the intervention. These people on the show are awfully lucky, they do drugs in the cars, hang out in neighborhoods they clearly don’t belong in, steal from people, etc… which are all felonies. Also, by now, don’t you think every addict knows they are on “Intervention” when they sign up and have this crew following their every move?

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Answer by denise s
thanks for the reminder that it’s on tonight. sounds like a pretty good episode. i have no clue what could happen- one of your guesses is probably right. the people who agree to be on “a documentary about addiction” must not know about the show, but with its widespread popularity i bet there are going to be some folks that catch on pretty quick. then again, think of all the people we’ve seen on the show- i haven’t seen any of them,except maybe the food addicts, watching tv. fortunately, for US that is, addiction is such a huge problem, there will always be plenty of people with serious drug problems that don’t have cable- or even a tv, to be on the show. from experience, i can tell you that being an addict is a full-time job. everything you do revolves around doing drugs, looking for drugs, and finding a way to pay for your drugs. they probably aren’t watching A&E, thank god.
14 more hours until we find out what they mean by “unforgettable”!!

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