Drug Intervention: How Can I Help My 21 Year Old Cousin Stop Using Drugs?

Question by tookoolfool: How can I help my 21 year old cousin stop using drugs?
I have a little cousin who is abusing drugs and stealing from her family. She used to be so good…playing sports and getting good grades, now she’s a high school drop out and hangs out with druggies. I don’t know if she’s messed up from being a child of divorce or what. She got kicked out of where she was living and when her family went through it they found out she was living in filth. All messy and gross with all kinds of cat crap every where and they even found a drug rock I don’t know if it was crack or coke or meth whatever it dosent matter what it was it’s all bad. Her grandfathers crying and her family’s freaked out with worry but all I can think about is finding her and slapping her face. What can we do? I want to put her on that show “Intervention” on A&E. But I don’t want her family to be embareassed. But she need some knid of help. any one have any suggestions. I’m just so angry because I keep seeing her like 5 years old and all cracked out! some one help!

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Answer by tammy r
you cant really help her until shes ready to be helped…..forcing her to do it wont help because after treatment she will just start again……..it has got to be her decision..

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