Drug Intervention: How Is It Legal to Show Illegal Drug Use on Reality TV? Like on the Show “Intervention” and Talk Shows?

Question by Peace: How is it legal to show illegal drug use on reality TV? Like on the show “Intervention” and talk shows?
I was watching Oprah the other day and they showed someone shooting up Heroin, and the show Intervention always shows people taking illegal drugs. I see it all the time on reality tv. How can someone be filming this and watching it happen without the authorities doing something about it? It is different with actors and people that are acting like they are doing drugs. But actually filming it and nothing being done to stop it? How is it legal, and how do they get away wih it?

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Answer by Speaking_Up
It is not a crime to film a crime being committed. Just as it isn’t a crime (depending on if you are obligated to intervene) to watch a crime being a committed.

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