Drug Intervention: New Dad’s Guide to Being a Great Labor Coach

Your spouse will be look to you for encouragement and support. Follow these tips on being a great labor coach for the mom to be:

It is hard to provide support while you are searching for websites about pregnancy and labor on your cell phone. Finish your reading beforehand, familiarize yourself on what happens during labor, and the procedures your spouse may experience. That way you can ask the right questions if something does not seem right.

Hospitals are not hotels, the only amenity you should expect is an uncomfortable, worn out chair. Bring a comfy pair of clean clothes and toiletries. Pack a bathing suit as well, you might find yourself joining your spouse in the tub or shower.

Labor can last for hours (or days!) before giving birth. Help her relax, get her water, walk the halls during contractions, give her a hand to squeeze. Now is the time to do what ever you can to support her physically and emotionally.

Use the knowledge you have learned to help her through the pain of contractions. You are the coach after all, so be in charge. Cheer her on, and encourage her during contractions. Suggest position changes, rub her feet, wipe the sweat from her forehead; do anything you can to help.

Don’t be shy with doctors and nurses. Sometimes medical professionals are not as talkative as one would wish. Your spouse may not be up to asking questions herself it is up to you to speak up. There is no such thing as a stupid question!

Your spouse may become outwardly irritable at times. You may find that she will enjoy a back rub one minute, and be totally repulsed by human contact by the next. She may be in her own little word dealing with the pain so tred lightly, you do not want to add any fuel to the fire!

Your spouse will be tired, weak, and in pain so you may have to make decisions on her behalf. Hopefully you and your spouse have a birth plan in place as it will help with the decision making. You will want to know what her wishes, and expectations for drugs, intervention, etc before entering the hospital.

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