Drug “intervention” Program?

Question by twinkle toes: drug “intervention” program?
My best friend’s parents heard that he tried hard drugs, and they hired a company that broke into their house in the middle of the night and took him to an airport, tried to get him on a plane, but ended up driving him to Utah or Ohio or something to a rehab-type place. They cut him off completely-no phone, email, facebook, and even his parents don’t know exactly where he is. There is no way to contact im at all and there’s no way to know when or if he will ever come back. Has anyone heard of anything like this before? someone told me it was a program called intervention but i couldn’t find anything about it online. if anyone knows anything about this at all please tell me anything you can

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Answer by bryceguy72
Sounds like a lie, because that is completely illegal. To forcibly take someone somewhere, law enforcement needs to be involved. Otherwise, it’s kidnapping… a federal felony. The only way someone can be forcibly taken somewhere is if he presents an immediate threat to himself or someone else. The keyword there is IMMEDIATE, as in.. he has a gun, he has poison, he has a rope and is going to hang himself, he has a hostage and going to stab them, etc. Merely trying hard drugs is not an immediate threat. This whole thing sounds fake.

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