Drug Intervention: What Are the Steps in a Drug Intervention/alcohol Intervention

An intervention is not an event–it is a process.  Done properly, a drug intervention or alcohol intervention is carefully planned and executed to maximize its effectiveness.  At Dallas Intervention, we follow the widely-accepted “Johnson Model” of intervention pioneered by Vernon E. Johnson. The Johnson Model is premised on the idea that the most effective intervention approach is to gather concerned relatives and friends of the alcoholic/addict and present him or her with reality in a compassionate and receivable way.

In preparation for an intervention, each intervention client should, at a minimum, expect an initial assessment of the need for intervention and the effects alcohol/drugs is having on all concerned, a planning meeting in which the intereventionist provides ducation regarding chemical dependency, a discussion of intervention protocol, and guidance for preparing intervention letters, a rehearsal of the intervention, and a post-intervention process meeting.  In all cases, the interventionist should assist the client in determining and choosing the proper treatment option for the alcoholic or addict.

How do I know if my loved one is an alcoholic or addict?  While we recommend professional assistance in determining whether or not someone is chemically dependent, the following questions may help you decide if further assessment is needed:

Have you ever tried to control how much or how often you drink/use and failed?
Do you find yourself unable to stop drinking/using even though it is causing negative consequences?   
Do you feel that you don’t want anyone to know about your drinking/using?
Do you drink/use for the sole purpose of getting high?
Do you drink/use in the morning, at or before work, or at other inappropriate times or in other inappropriate places?
Do you make promises to yourself concerning your drinking/using on which you cannot follow through?
Do you believe that drinking/using makes your life bearable?
Do you feel desperation or uneasiness when you cannot drink/use?
Do you lose count of the number drinks you’ve had or pills you’ve taken?
Do you drink/use regardless of the consequences?
Have you ever threatened your financial stability or standing in the community by your drinking/using?
Have you ever had a serious relationship threatened or destroyed because of drinking/using?
Do you feel that life would be miserable without drinking/using?
Do you find yourself drinking/using without intending to?
Does your drinking/using affect your reputation?
Do you drink/use to try to deal with or escape from life’s problems?
Are you unable to concentrate on other areas of your life because of a preoccupation with drinking/using?
Do you spend a lot of time seeking out your drink/drug?
Do you find yourself obsessing about drinking/using?
Have you ever wished you could stop or control your drinking/using but could not?
Do you feel out of control?
Neglect responsibilities due to drinking/using?
Hide alcohol/drugs?
Undergo a personality change when drinking/using?
Lie about the amount or frequency of drinking/using?
Drive under the influence?
Drink/use alone?
Had memory loss from drinking/using?
Have medical problems caused by drinking/using?
Have legal problems caused by drinking/using?
Neglect work or school because of drinking/using?
Isolate from family and friends?

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