Drug Intervention: What’re Some Outrageous Ways to Battle Drug Abuse in Teens?

Question by Jameson D: What’re some outrageous ways to battle drug abuse in teens?
I’m doing a satirical/sarcastic/outrageous presentation/proposal on social issues like teenage drug/alcohol abuse, and need some satirical/sarcastic/outrageous solutions to this problem. The solution has to be as disgusting, inhumane, and unethical as possible (my teacher grades on the class’ reaction, which is meant to be one of outrage/disgust). This is NOT to be taken seriously, it’s supposed to be outrageous, so no “sit down and talk with the teens” or “interventions”. Something like “inject teens with a chemical that will kill them if they ever take drugs” kind of thing. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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Answer by jaymee_is
you dont, you let them have fun (;

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