Drug Intervention: What’s Wrong With Addiction?

Question by Chris K: What’s wrong with addiction?
Seriously. We have shows like “Intervention” which attempts to compel addicts of anything from shopping to overeating to numerous drugs to stop immediately. Whenever a question is asked of drugs on this website, most responses are to the effect of: “It’s dangerous and addictive” when the drugs are not dangerous in doses that will get you “high” or at least out of pain?

Take me for example. I have a spinal disorder that causes much pain, but due to my age doctors adamantly refuse to prescribe me the appropriate painkillers (oxycodone works best for me) because they don’t want me to get addicted. More likely they are afraid of the DEA and zero-tolerance regulatory boards, and hence refuse to adequately treat me. In addition I have social anxiety, which is “treated” with therapy and an SSRI, Paxil, which is infinitely more addictive than opiates.

So I have taken to self medicating with black market oxycodone, and it relieves the pain AND my social anxiety symptoms.

So, if you were me, would you rather be addicted to opiates, out of pain, and able to interact with society in a healthy, anxiety-free manner (like I choose), or would you rather be chemically pure, an isolated shut in who has crazy, antisocial thoughts and in severe pain all the time?

It seems addiction is the best choice, for myself and society.

On another note, why is it that opiates cannot be prescribed to me for my psychological symptoms? It works FAR better than those silly anti-depressants. I’m actually happy, extroverted and able to function normally in society. But I’m tired of doing illegal things to be that way. Yet society refuses to let me be that happy, confident person since I might get addicted.

Why punish me for trying my best to be a better person?

Also, if you know any doctors in the Northern Nevada/Northern California area who WOULD adequately treat me with opioid therapy, please let me know. My age is a handicap in that regard, I am 20.

Please help!
Paxil is indeed addictive. Most of you have probably never taken it for long, if at all. Just google “paxil zaps” and you’ll see that that nasty stuff has far worse withdrawal symptoms than opiates. If I miss a dose by a few hours, I will feel like I’m going crazy. The “zaps” are small seizures in the brain. I’d rather have the flu (opioid withdrawal analogy) than go insane. It’s not a comfortable feeling.

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Answer by bluenotetwo
You need to get a better doctor. Try a pain clinic where your pain can be adequately managed. There are some physicians who are acutely aware of what a problem this kind of thing can be. Search one of them out.

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