Drug Intervention: Why Are Admitted Addicts Who Are Not in Denial Forced Into Treatment When They Don’t Want It?

Question by BeanQueen: Why are admitted addicts who are not in denial forced into treatment when they don’t want it?
I am NOT talking about people in denial of their addictions. I am talking about people like on the TV show Intervention. They openly ADMIT they are alcohlics, meth, crack, drug addicts. Yet when faced with the actual intervention-most if not all DO NOT want to go. The only reason they do is because they are forced by the families using some sort of blackmail such as no contact, money, etc.

Most of the people who go by force on the show get out of rehab and just go back to using. These people are offered free help and they still don’t want it. They know they will lose their families but they don’t care. They want to and are going to use anyway no matter what.

If they don’t honestly give a damn about the family and don’t want to get better, why are they forced to go against their will? I am not being facetious. I watch the show and they tell people right to their face they are addicts and don’t care or want help. How is forcing them to do something against their will going to get them to change their minds? I think they go to placate the family, then when they get out they go right back because they didn’t want help in the first place. It seems to me if they really wanted to get off drugs they would JUMP at the chance for treatment and really try to stay clean and sober when they got out, but most don’t.
Do the families honestly think forcing them into treatment will change them? Or do the admitted addicts who go and fail just not willing to give up their lifestyle and not care about anyone else? I see the reluctant to go addicts as selfish people who only care about themselves. I have yet to see anyone on that show say at the intervention- “Thanks, I so needed this” or anything along those lines.
Why bother.

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Answer by Pam R
They aren’t

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