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An individual who is living with a Vicodin addiction is rarely going to admit that they have a problem (at least not until they have “bottomed out” as a result).  Therefore, the burden falls on the shoulders of those closest to the individual to help identify a Vicodin addiction, and get that person the help they need.
But how can you know if someone close to you needs Vicodin rehab?   The answer is to be alert, and aware of the classic signs and symptoms listed below.

Signs that someone needs Vicodin Rehabilitation

There are a number common signs and symptoms that indicate an individual may have a Vicodin addiction, including:

* Depression and anxiety
* Mood swings (from high to low depending upon whether or not the individual is under the influence)
* Nervous behavior
* Stealing medication from friends or loved ones
* Problems with the law relating to Vicodin use
* Strong drug cravings

In addition, many Vicodin addicts may engage in “doctor shopping” – the act of going from doctor to doctor and feigning injury so that they can receive more prescriptions for the drug.

Getting a Loved One into Vicodin Rehabilitation
The most effective way to get a loved one into a Vicodin rehab program is by holding an intervention.   At an intervention, loved ones gather together with the purpose of telling the individual that they have a problem, and that it has been impacting the lives of those around them.   With the help of a professional interventionist, the end goal of a drug intervention is to get the individual into treatment immediately.   For this reason, it is a good idea to research treatment facilities in the area before the intervention is held.

If someone you love is addicted to Vicodin, contact our free helpline today at 888-371-5719.   A representative is standing by to help your friend or family member get the finest help available.

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