How Much Hell Did You Go Through Before You Quit Drugs or Alcohol Addiction?

Question by Evan’s mommy is Preston’s mom too now!: How much hell did you go through before you quit drugs or alcohol addiction?
My brother has drug addictions. The main one I know of is OxyContin and I suspect heroin is also an issue.
He went to the Holistic Drug Rehab (same one that “Intervention” uses) and was “fine” when he came home, it hasnt been 3 months and here is is again back at it. His wife has kicked him out and he is “homeless” aside from staying at users/dealers places. He has nothing anymore. He is 23 years old.
What I dont get is how a person can go through 120 days sober and all of the sudden be back into the drugs. How much will he lose before he quits? God only knows.
I am just scared he will die. I love him so much.
What can I do to help him?

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Answer by Chuk Pulley
It’s very sad, but there isn’t a ton YOU can do to really help him. He isn’t going to quit using until when and if, he’s ready. He has to feel like he’s hit rock bottom before he sees what hes doing to himself and tries to pull himself out of the gutter. You and everyone else that are important to him in his life have to stop enabling him by being any kind of a support at all. Drug dealers will only allow him to crash their place so often, eventually he will run out of people to lean on while he continues down his road to hell. It might be a months or years…It might never happen, but it’s really all you can do. He might end up in jail or even worse, dead, but the bottom line is HE needs to decide for HIMSELF that he wants to change his life. And that’s just the easy part. He has to change everything about his life to be successful. That’s when he will needs his real friends and family the most.

Good luck and I hope you all have the strength as a family to do what is best for your brother.

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