I Dont Know if This Has Been Asked Before But…?

Question by Shlane: I dont know if this has been asked before but…?
I’m watching a series called “Intervention” about people who do drugs and abuse alcohol…Here’s waht I dont get why arent people in poorer countries with bigger isses doing the same? How come those people in the US, granted who do have problems, is more prone to do drugs then any other country? If i’m wrong please tell me so…But i just dont get it…

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Answer by michelob86
Because when you’re poor and struggling to survive, you don’t have time to do drugs. You’re too busy just living.

Americans have too much free time, even the poor among us.

If you’re in one of those poor countries, you don’t last long if you did drugs because of the poor health care. No intervention is needed.

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