I’m Having a Hard Time Living With My Mom and Her Severe Bipolar Disorder It Might Be Possible for Me to Leave?

Question by Corva: I’m having a hard time living with my mom and her severe bipolar disorder it might be possible for me to leave?
I know she loves me and I love her, but I can’t take it… I’ve got a strong family history of alcohol and drug abuse so I don’t want to walk that path… :/ She’s usually stable when she takes her meds, which is nearly always, but since she’s got celiac disease she body doesn’t absorb it most of the time. I’m 13 and wondering if I can legally move in with me aunt in Colorado (I live in New York), plus my mom might not sign release of custody… URGH. Right now I’m borderline suicidal and very depressed. What should I do? Is running away and option? How should I ask my aunt?

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Answer by sacredclay
Is dad in the picture? Is there another trusted adult that can help you here? If you’re feeling suicidal, then contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. Bipolar personality is extremely difficult to live with at times. Perhaps your mom will allow you to live with your aunt for awhile. like during summer times? Or is there another family/friend closer that can take you in? Talk with a counselor at school. Good luck, hun. I’m pulling for you!

Answer by Serene E
Ask to live with your aunt temporarily, until your mom get’s stable. But you have to ask your mom to do this. If she says no, you can get your aunt in on it and she can ask to.
But your best bet, as I always say, is to tell a trusted teacher or counselor at school. They have to report, you might be taken away from your mom. THAT”S GOOD!!!! Because your depression CAN be treated and a lot of it is caused by your mom. So getting away from her, in whatever way you can, will help you!!!! You’ll feel much better!!!!
Running away is stupid – you can’t rent anyplace, staying on the street is dangerous, kids usually end up stealing because they run out of money very quickly, etc. etc. NOT a good idea.

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