I’m Not Suicidal, Nut I’m in a Deep Emotional Crisis. I Have No Money. Where Can I Go for Help?

Question by Amanda D: I’m not suicidal, nut I’m in a deep emotional crisis. I have no money. Where can I go for help?
I’m not suicidal. Too chicken to actually do it. But I feel, no I am utterly worthless. I am 45. I have no health insurance. No job. barely holding onto a room in a shared house with five other people. My van is on it’s last legs. I have no drug addiction, no arrests–so I don’t qualify for many programs here in MD. I am really at the end of my rope. I’ve been trying to climb out but I can’t. I just tried turning to 211 in Maryland (United Way and so called “Community Crisis intervention” what a crock of shit. I was on hold and disconnected five times. I don’t want to call a suicide hotline because I AM NOT SUICIDAL. It’s just that the system is pushing me even further down. I just need some counseling and some help. I need some medical help too. I’m also really sick. Is there anyone out there who can HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Try your local catholic churches. They usually help people in need with a small amount of monetary help and can direct you to other resources as well.

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