“intervention” Episode?

Question by Dawnmarie: “intervention” episode?
i was wondering if there was an episode on the show where someone is addicted to acid or is taking some sort of hallucination? I was also wondering what episodes you find best

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Answer by AlexsMom
Dawnmarie – This is the only one that I thought came close to what you were asking:

“when she took 8 hits of acid at once which sparked a really bad trip”

(MY Opinion) All of the “Intervention” episodes are really sad to me but I am happy that a lot of them clean-up at the end and go on to have productive lives. Some of them are too much into their “drug of choice” and there seems to be no convincing them that they will die if they continue. It is heartbreaking to see what the Family. Loved Ones, and Friends go through.

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