Is This Possible HIV Story?

Question by Tropic Thunder: Is This Possible HIV Story?
About A few years back in health class a teacher told us about a woman who was a prostitute who contracted HIV. But to get to the point she said HIV was living in side the woman’s body BUT… for some strange reason it couldn’t effect her immune system and she was perfectly healthy but could still pass the disease on to others, EVEN WHEN SHE GOT FULL BLOWN AIDS!!!!!!!!!! she still wasn’t getting sick

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Answer by vivi
That’s because she was the host, they usually do that to animals in labs, she probably went to the health clinic and they injected her with it. we’re nothing but guinea pigs, remember. look up chemtrails, doctors will deny to your face they even exist………………………..
just passing on the word. found out about it myself not too long ago.We live in a matrix, my fellow brothers and sisters.please wake up!!!Did you know that 750,000 people die every year from smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol? Did you also know that NOT one reported case has surfaced due someone dying from marijuana? Not one, simply because it’s an herb, and most of all it’s GOD’s creation,Has seven leaves,and its also GOD’s number,therefore satan hates it. It helps with all types of deseases and kills bad viruses!!I did my research. Yet they have everyone addicted and dying to man made drugs, wich is okay though cause it’s legal, right? Hummm..something is desperately wrong here.It seems to me like death of yours and my family is okay to those insane law makers and satan worshipers.Let me make this short, cause I can go on and on about this corrupt world we live in. google,or utube vids; Dimitru Duduman, illuminati, new world order, chemtrails, building 7, builderburg group, trillateral commision, bohemian grove, David Icke, book of Enoch, and also go to,, of many important things. One very strong advice I received from all of my research is, don’t hate or fear anyone or anything, because that is their plan. Just as long as you hate or fear, they’ve got you by the throat. Just lookin out for my fellow human brothers and sisters.Just say no to the new world order, and pass it on.Please, I really hope that you already knew all of this. May YAHWEH(Heavenly Father),and Yashua(Jesus Christ,son), and the Holy Spirit be with you all. Praise him, because good will prevail in the END. sorry so long, very important though. Just one more thing, my husband and I watch the show called “Intervention” quite a few times. Enough to be able to base our opinion on it, and they don’t show one case of someone being addicted to or overdosing on marijuana. All I’m saying is, if GOD didn’t want us to use his seed baring plant, he would’nt have created it….Genesis 1:11-12
ps;Jesus once said; the truth shall make you free. swine flu hysteria. Yeah, it’s a flu. BUT it was created in a lab. “three flu in a pot, then stir.” They have no reported cases of pigs carrying it. Do your own research instead of believing what the media tells you. they are nothing but puppets of the illuminati who controls the new world order. I’m sorry if I sound a little harsh, I only wish americans were’t so brainwashed. I truly do feel that I need to tell you this, if you get the swine flu shot, it will kill you and your children. I don’t mean to scare you but that is the truth. Also look up the dangers of the medicine they put you on for it. There are articles upon articles talking about the swine flu being made in a lab. Please do your research. It’s sickening, please warn everyone you know and dont know. may YAHWEH(GOD) be with you and your family.”Also don’t hate or fear anyone or anything, because that is satans plan, just as long as you do those things he doesn’t care who you are.
please don’t take the swine flu shot, it will make you really sick and/or kill you. Do your research,please!!!

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Answer by Elmo_Caron
Yes it is a known fact that some people will host the virus (HIV) without ever developing AIDS. Since they have the virus, they can transmit it to other people who might become sick.

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