Just Curious About Your Opinion About Friends and Meth.?

Question by ?•*???*•msmabjab?•*???*•: Just curious about your opinion about friends and meth.?
I dont do drugs, and Im not going to preach about how it bad, its everyone’s choice I suppose. I have a friend who I found out recently was using meth. I make it pretty clear about how I don’t associate with people who use simply to stay away from the bs. He’s my best friend and he thinks I don’t know at all, but people are telling me and it is very obvious. I was just curious about what you would do in a situation like this.
Would you give your friend an “intervention”?
Walk away from friendship?
Beat him up and make him quit?
Get a new best friend and hope the old one od’s?

Ok .. thank you.
In the past month and a half, I have distanced myself greatly. Hes been hanging around some other girl, who Im sure it came from. I do love him as a best friend, and it really sucks losing a friend like him. He told me before he was addicted. I am one hundred percent sure because he told his x who informed me. Hes lost about 25+ pounds in matter of weeks. i have seen meth addicts before, and I am aware of their demeanor, which fits his perfectly.

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Answer by Tedst3r
try 2 make him quit. and dont give up til he does

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