“Road to Recovery” KTLA Special Report Drug Intervention Pt. 4

Drug Intervention: “Road to Recovery” KTLA Special Report Drug Intervention Pt. 4

A Better Tomorrow – abttc.net Part 4 of a 5 part KTLA special report of a young mother struggling with her addiction and the road she takes to recovery.
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Drug Intervention: The political zombies who walk the halls of Congress
Political scandals don’t always kill the participants. Some survive. Some give up the ghost. Some whose careers have died keep on going.
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Drug Intervention: EDITORIAL, JUNE 14: Sobriety Court can help turn lives around
The 51st District Court in Waterford just celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Sobriety Court Program.
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Drug Intervention: FDA Approves Trial Of Adamis Pharmaceuticals Product Candidate To Treat Prostate Cancer
Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (OTCBB: ADMP) announced today that the FDA has accepted an Investigational New Drug (IND) application for APC-100 to treat prostate cancer (PCa). Adamis plans to begin Phase 1/2a clinical studies with APC-100 in men with castrate resistant prostate cancer (CRPR). Each patient will be assessed for toxicity, biochemical responses (Prostate Specific Antigen …
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