Son – Addicted to Marijuana, Now Dabbling With Ecstasy.?

Question by Lynn: Son – addicted to marijuana, now dabbling with ecstasy.?
I don’t even know what I want to ask, I just am reaching out anywhere I can think of. I have a 20 year old son who is addicted to marijuana, and is now dabbling with ecstasy. I found this out from his twin brother, whom is clean and has a new baby. He has great concerns for his brother, he has even contacted the show “Intervention”. I have sent my son to rehab three times, to therapy, to see a psychiatrist, I’ve even had him arrested in my own home. He is currently on probation, so I’m in the process of contacting his probation officer & needless to say I am kicking him out of my house (yet again). All this is coming to a head today which is not only the week of Christmas, but it’s also my birthday. I’ve been going through this with him since he was 15, I don’t know what else to do. He’s been back in my home for a little over a month now, he swore this time he was going to stay clean & he had no where else to go. I’m at my wits end and I just don’t know what else to do. I’m looking for a local NA group for ME (Baton Rouge area). I just need a little advice or support from anyone who has been here…my heart is breaking. I lost my mom last summer to cancer, and I thought that would be the break thru for him. He broke down in my arms & cried like a child because he felt like his grandma died being disappointed in him, his words. Then when his twin brother had a baby, he swore that would be it. He didn’t want his nephew to have a drug addict for an uncle, again HIS words. It hurts so dam much to watch him self destruct like, anyone…

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Answer by Dakota Robbins
I did marijuana for a year but I’ve stopped because my sister has threatened to kick me out and I just feel like a criminal all the time doing it. And your question really hit me because I have just tried ecstasy and plan on doing it in the future. My brother in law used to do it and he gave me some advice to span the distance between my rolls, or the time I’m on ecstasy. “Thiz” or “Thizzin” is another word for being on ecstasy as you may already know. I feel terrible knowing that I will do this scary drug again but I will tell you honestly that it is the best feeling in the world and I actually feel quite happy even days after doing it. I’m at a hard time in life and this seems to help. But if your son is already this far into it he really does need some serious help. I think that you need to keep trying with the rehab or deal some serious consequences with him. I don’t know what they could be but sometimes that’s the only way people learn. Don’t let him get into it because this drug is a hundred times more addictive and dangerous. sometimes the pills you get are made wrong and you can die. Every rave I’ve gone to people have died. Another Idea you could do is to show him the risks, the dangers and all that entails taking ecstasy. I actually did that myself and it really does open your eyes but it hasn’t opened mine enough yet. If you have anymore questions you can e-mail me at I’m so sorry about your son, and the more I hear these kind of stories about drugs ruining families and lives it helps to keep me from doing them. Thank you.

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