USC Football Quarterback Early 1990s?

Question by Plebocite: USC Football Quarterback Early 1990s?
I lived in California back in the early/mid 1990s. I remember USC had this “star” quarterback, oringinally from OC whom they called the “golden boy.” He was kind of a surfer dude type who appeared to be quite the spoiled, arrogant ham.

I think he was kicked off the team and/or arrested a few times for drugs and bad character in general.

I think he had a go in the pros, but continued to screw up and the last I heard he was basically a “bum” junkie who was relegated to living off relatives, friends and in jail.

I was watching the show “intervention” the otherday. The subject of the episode was a pro has-been basketball player, and it made me think of this ex-quarterback guy from USC.

What is his name and does anybody have an update on his lifestory? It has totally escaped my mind and I can not find a an USC team roster from this time on the Internet.

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Answer by Adam
Todd Maranovich – sooper dooper flop

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