What Should I Write My English Assignment On? It Can Be About Anything? Anything at All?

Question by The Party Scene: What should I write my English assignment on? It can be about anything? anything at all?
so far, i have decided that i might want to shape it around one of these lines, but new ideas are always welcome:

You abandoned me, but we both know that I’m so weak that in a few days I’ll come crawling back to you.

She’s beautiful and she’ll never even know.
Love is something made up, for the sake of stories, real love, doesn’t exist, you can try to prove me wrong.

something about drinking or drugs or committing some kind of crime and how its a moral person, who is faced with a difficult decision, but finally agrees to doing whatever it is since “its only a crime if she gets caught”

People always have the same reaction when you tell them that someone in your family has committed suicide, but rarely do they ever understand. They give their condolences, but their words are empty. They have never experienced what you have, and for that reason, anything they say about the matter is automatically dismissed.

These are just parts I wrote, they kind of suck, but whatever. obviously i have to add on to them.

if you have any other ideas or lines that you feel would sound good in an english paper, let me know what they are.
thanks in advance.

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hope you have luck
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Answer by Petunia Too, Pet Ant
with those themes n mind you might get ideas from the A&E show, “Intervention.”

More Drug Intervention Information…