Where Can I Find No Cost Drug Rehab? We Are Planning a Family Intervention but Lack Resources for Treatment.?

Question by buenogirl: Where can I find no cost drug rehab? We are planning a family intervention but lack resources for treatment.?
Its very unfortunate my sister is addicted to drugs. I think her drugs of choice is herion, cocaine, alchohol, pain meds & possibly meth. We first want to gather our loved ones and do a family intervention that includes consequences. The problem is she doesnt have medical insurance to pay for rehab. We need to get her professional help as a final option. If she chooses not to get help then she will suffer the consequences. We just dont have the resources to provide that final option for her. If you’ve seen the TV show on A&E “Intervention”, this is the direction on how we want to confront her issues. We dont want to contact A&E becuase we are concerned about the after affects it might have on her 3 kids years to come. We try to conceal the problem from the kids as much as she tries to sneak around pretending shes not using. We just dont know……….we are lost!! If there is any free help out there that someone may know of please let me know. Thank You!

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Call your court house and see if you can get a judge to sign an order for rehab for her before you do the intervention. You don’t need a lawyer for that, and if a judge will sign the papers, it will be up to the courts to pay the bill.

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